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October 11, 2020 Bedroom

Asian Design of Teak Bedroom Furniture

Teak bedroom furniture is a kind of simple and traditional furniture which has Asian look. Since it brings simple design, it also support for modern and contemporary interior design. Teak bedroom property will make your bedroom area to be warm and calm with natural color of wood which is brown. This design and style of teak bedroom you can find in in Asia. Teak bedroom set consist of bedframe, cabinet, drawer and table.

A Decoration style of Teak Bedroom Furniture

If you want to know how teak wood is displayed on the bedroom as furniture and wall decoration, here there is a bedroom decoration which is use teak as the main component. The decoration looks really neutral with white and brown color. The wall is painted with white and combined with brown of teak wood. The divan is really simple which is made of teak, the design is made like a deck area with wooden strip installation. On the wall, teak is also installed as the wall as the wall decoration and wall protector. The drawer is also made of teak with 3 drawers which are placed near the bed. On the corner, there is hanging cabinet and table which are attached on the wall as the work desk area. The seating area also made of teak with traditional curving style. Those are made of teak with horizontal strips pattern. On the balcony, there are a set of teak cushion chair with small table that can be used as relaxation area while enjoying the view.

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Tips in Maintaining Teak Furniture

To maintain teak furniture in order to make it shine, you have to use coat of teak oil when the weather starts warm. Second, you can wash the teak furniture once a year in order to clean it from the dust and dirt. Third, to remove the stain, you can use steel wool of fine grade.

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