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September 12, 2020 Home Decoration

Dorm Wall Décor for Better Looking Room

Dorm wall décor can be something that will make your dorm room looks better. There are a lot of ways that you can do to make your dorm room looks better using the wall décor. Some of these decors might be worth to try for your dorm wall.

Wording Dorm Wall Décor for the Room

A wording can always be something nice. The wording for the dorm wall can be easily made using the detail paint on the wall. On the other hand, for the wording itself, you can choose the motivational words or something that is worth to be written. The color combination should be something in contrast with your current dorm wall. For the design, you can choose any kind of fonts that you like for the decoration. As an addition, you can also try the collage style.

Photo Frames as Wall Décor of Your Dorm Room

Another easy idea that you can try is the photo frames. You will surely have a lot of photos that are worth to remember. You can simply get some frames with the similar size but different styles and try to collage them all in one side of the wall to make a good wall decoration in your dorm room. This one is considerably easy but you can make a great decoration this way.

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