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October 24, 2020 Decorating

Fire Pit Ideas for Family Gathering Spot

Fire pit ideas must be suited with the size of your backyards since you need to suit the dimension of the fire pits with the available spaces which you have. Then, there are several ideas which are widely ranged from small, medium or large fire pits which you can adjust with your backyards. From simple stone fire pits are mostly chosen for its traditional and quaint look. Mostly families will prefer to choose stone fire pits which are more common and simple to be built. Moreover, stone fire pits are indeed the right spots for all families gather and get more intimate relationship with its warm effects.

Fire Pit Ideas with Multipurpose Simple Bricks

Bricks are commonly used for making simple fire pits which are traditional and adjustable but it is also multipurpose since you can use it for many functions. You can simply arrange the bricks and make simple small fire pits which you can move it easily when you move to other spots. Other purpose is that you also can use it for grilling, not only for warming the entire family in outdoor, backyard exactly but you also can use it for grilling and holding simple barbeque party with the families or relatives. Make delicious grilled meats and onions with your simple DIY brick fire pits on your backyard.

Fire Pit Ideas with Swings for Large Backyards

If you have large backyards, you can install swings for the fire pits which can give you more fun ways to enjoy the fire pits. The swings can be installed if you have kids or children who like to play in your backyards around the fire pits. You can make it more creative with the arrangement and placement of the swings, for example half round swings or square swings for installing the swings. You also need to measure the distance between the fire pit and the swings.

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