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Classic Fireplace Mantel Decor

June 19, 2021 Fireplace

Fireplace Design for Modern Houses

Fireplace design is often found in many western modern houses. Fire is important element in human life. Fireplace is a place to warm our body cold weather. In western, fireplace is one of home part that must available inside the house. For classic western home, we can find big smoke stack in roof top. In the modern design such smoke stack becomes smaller. However, fireplace is very important to make the house warmer. There are many designs for fireplace. Each design has its own shapes and model. So you don’t have to worry in choosing fireplace design.

Classic fireplace design

Classic fireplace still becomes the favorite one. Its big smoke stack and big fireplace make our home warmer. As we know that fire is important natural element in our life that is why in classic design the fire place is bigger than modern design. Classic fireplace design also signed with brick that covers wall layer.

Modern fireplace design

Modern design for fireplace is can be smaller and more artistic. It can be combined with your modern home design. Modern fireplace design doesn’t use smoke stack to make the smoke out. It just consist of fire wood and small fireplace box with little chimney. But the design is various and artistic. Color combination design makes it different with classic design.

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