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November 23, 2019 Ideas

Inspirations of First Communion Banner Ideas

Banner is one important part of the first communion decoration so that there are various things that could inspire the first communion banner ideas. Along with the importance of the occasion itself the whole things including the decoration of a first communion should be given attention certainly. These are the various ideas could be implemented into the banner for the first communion decoration.

Various First Communion Banner Ideas

As a very important symbol in the Christianity the Cross of Christ is a very common idea to be implemented on the first communion banner. It represents the sacrifice done by the Christ so that it is very important symbol. It could be used as a single symbol or a combined symbol with other things. Common colors to be used are gold and brown. The Chalice is another idea of the first communion banner. This one is also considered as one popular symbol to be used in the first communion banner. It represents the forgiveness cup that could vary in shape and size. It could be combined with the Cross as well in creating a unique symbol. Grapes are the next common idea on the first communion banner. It represents the new covenant of the Jesus Christ’s blood. It is very common to be used along with the Chalice on the first communion banner. Another common idea in the first communion banner is the Guardian Angel. It could be used singularly or in a combination with other symbols.

First Communion Banner Tips

When it comes to the banner for the first communion surely there are things that should be kept in mind. One example is the common accepted colors for the banner itself are only royal blue and white. Using other colors might leave people questioning about that. Such rhinestones or decorative beads could all be sued in purpose of enhancing the banner itself.

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