April 18, 2021 Dining Room

Rustic Dining Room Sets for Traditional Concepts

Rustic dining room sets can be chosen to set up an informal atmosphere and casual dining room. This theme is similar to the classic or vintage theme that uses wooden materials on any furniture in the room. Typically, this theme uses large and spacious dining sets. This concept is applying dining room for family gathering space as well. There are various patterns and colors of dining room sets that you can choose compatible with rustic concept that you want. You should select hard wood to any existing furniture in the dining room. Varnishes color selection will also affect the success of the rustic concept.

Wood Types for Rustic Dining Room Sets

Why should the wood furniture that is used in rustic concept? The answer is simple, because the rustic apply countryside theme that full of natural elements like wood and rocks. You can choose one types of walnut, oak, cherry, teak or mahogany as the base material of your furniture. These types of wood are perfectly used for furniture because it is resistant to pressure and dings. However, the type of wood that are excellent for rustic concept is kind of dark wood like mahogany and cherry wood. For more unique impression, you can also order the table made of some combination of certain materials such as marble, plastic, glass and wood. This blend will form very artistic design.

The Shapes of Furniture

If you use the dining table for a party or a large gathering, you should choose a large rectangular dining table. This model can accommodate many people. In addition, its extensive surface can be used to present many of the dishes. However, if you use the dining table for your small family, you should select a small round table. Round tables can make family dining atmosphere becomes more pleasant and intimate.

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