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April 16, 2021 Curtain

The Peacock Shower Curtain

There is one particular choice in terms of bathroom shower curtain that is the peacock shower curtain. In any bathroom this option of shower curtain could bring whole new dimension on the decoration. It could be the focal point of the whole decoration due to its unique looking characteristic. It could also be a way to enhance the nature theme inside the bathroom if you are using one.

The Essence of Peacock Shower Curtain

One basic thing to know about this particular option of shower curtain is the bold statement it creates in any bathroom using this pattern or design. Due to the capability in creating such bold statement it could really be a great piece of focal point inside the bathroom regardless any other piece available there. Moreover aside of its bold statement there is also a sense of prettiness given by the surreal blue tone it has. Although the blue tone itself is merely an accentuating color just as in a real peacock, the result is totally beautiful. So the blue should only be the accentuating tone in purpose of keeping the whole bathroom simple with the peacock theme on the curtain for the shower as the focal point.

Various Types of Peacock Curtain Shower

Although the basic theme is one only that is the peacock, there are various types of the peacock curtain itself. The various types are determined by the way the peacock pattern is used throughout the curtain itself. In some peacock curtains there will just be feathers in the whole surface. In another curtain there will be some large birds with the feathers as the background. In other option there will only be the colors out of the peacock arranged in such ways that emphasize the look of peacock. Either way they are all emphasizing the peacock pattern or design.

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